About Muzik Over Matter

Muzik Over Matter is a music venue located in Halifax, Nova Scotia that has quickly become a hub for live music in the city. Founded in 2019 by local musicians and music enthusiasts, Muzik Over Matter has made a name for itself by showcasing up-and-coming artists from a wide variety of genres.

The venue is intimate and cozy, with a capacity of just over 100 people, creating an intimate setting for live music performances. They host regular shows throughout the week, featuring local and touring acts, as well as open mic nights, giving new artists a chance to showcase their talent.

One of the things that sets Muzik Over Matter apart is their commitment to supporting the local music scene. They have a strong focus on featuring local artists and providing a platform for them to perform in front of new audiences. In addition to their regular shows, they also host workshops and events aimed at supporting and educating local musicians.

The venue has a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, with a diverse crowd of music lovers of all ages and backgrounds. It’s the perfect place to discover new artists, enjoy live music in an intimate setting, and connect with other music fans.

If you’re a music lover in Halifax, be sure to check out Muzik Over Matter. It’s a shining example of the importance of supporting local music scenes and creating inclusive and welcoming spaces for live music performances.